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Your well-being, my priority

I'm glad you took this first step. We all need a relationship that is secure, warm, accessible, caring, and predictable. Therefore, when our interpersonal relationships fail, we find ourselves in a state of distress that can take many forms:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Infidelity

  • relational conflicts

  • low self-esteem...

And you, where are you with your relationships, with yourself, your intimate relationship, your family, your friends? Are you making your dreams come true? Do you recognize yourself in these relationships? Do you feel that you are fulfilling your aspirations, that you are living according to your values? Are you satisfied with yourself, with your life, with your relationships? Or do you have the impression that you are still on the same old path with the same thorns that open old wounds ? And despite all your efforts, do you have the impression that you find yourself suffering, at a dead end and losing your footing?

How about you take my hand, for as long as you need, you lean on my kindness, my warm welcome, my sensitivity, my transparency, my therapeutic skills in order to regain your balance? I can be there for you to develop the full potential of your relationships. So, contact me for a first appointment.

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