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Welcome To Equilibrium Therapie

I'm glad you took this first step. Your well-being, my priority! We all need a relationship that is secure, warm, accessible, caring, and predictable. Therefore, when our interpersonal relationships fail, we find ourselves in a state of distress that can take many forms:



A professional with the know-how and the interpersonal skills to guide

I lived through the migratory process - a challenging experience that led me to cultivate my open-mindedness and to welcome you now without judgment, regardless of our differences (religious, cultural, gender, sexual, identity). So feel comfortable being yourself with me, because I will allow myself to be authentic with you. I am a warm, human, respectful person with a good sense of humour who knows how to feed your fire of hope. Your well-being is my priority. Whether you come alone, as couple or family, I offer you a personalized, experiential therapeutic experience adapted to your needs


Psychotherapy at your fingertips


Individual therapy

  • You feel like you're blocked from your dream life; you're grieving;

  • you are having difficulty managing your anger;

  • your relationships are struggling;

you feel disconnected from yourself or at a crossroads in your life


Couples Therapy

You're curious to see how your relationship can be different, satisfying. You wonder how to overcome infidelity and repair the bond, conflicts, communication problems, problems with your sexuality. You are ambivalent about your relationship or...


Family Therapy

It's a panacea to say that being a parent is not a piece of cake! If the brain is built in part by interactions with others, then relational experiences become determining factors in the structure and functioning of our brain. The type of parenting we receive as children...


Telehealth (online therapy)

It is an interactive therapy by videoconference where you receive psychotherapy services at a distance. It takes place in real time. However, online therapy is not appropriate for everyone at certain times in their lives. Contact me, and we can discuss it...


  • Coronavirus Information Line (COVID-19)
    By phone: 1 877 644‑4545

  • Advice to parents during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • West Island Crisis Centre 514-684-6160

  • Le tournant Crisis Centre: 450-371-4090

  • Domestic Violence S.O.S.: 1 800-363-9010


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