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Psychotherapy at your fingertips

Psychotherapy helps to explore your hidden parts, to better understand and accept yourself or to choose the changes you need to make and implement them. Therapy allows you to set a path to a more harmonious and satisfying life and relationships. It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic formula that will instantly solve all your problems, but a process that requires as much of an investment on your part as it does on mine. I feel ready, how about you?


Individual therapy

  • You feel like you're blocked from your dream life; you're grieving;

  • you are having difficulty managing your anger;

  • your relationships are struggling;

  • you feel disconnected from yourself or at a crossroads in your life;

maybe it's time to consult a professional. Individual therapy sessions will help you to give another meaning to this past that still has an impact on you and to free yourself from it; to change your way of thinking; to come to the surface and find yourself despite the harshness and the trials and tribulations of your life; to accept yourself despite your human imperfections. Contact me to find out how I can personally help you.

Couple therapy

You're curious to see how your relationship can be different, satisfying. You wonder how to overcome infidelity and repair the bond, conflicts, communication problems, problems with your sexuality. You are ambivalent about your relationship or think about co-parenting after divorce or separation. You are in the right place.

During our sessions, I will begin by creating a safe space in which everyone can feel welcome to express themselves, to be open to the experience of themselves and others. I will listen to you with all my being, taking every possible opportunity to bring you to explore your inner experience of the moment during your interactions with your partner. I will bring you to perceive the grains of sand in the spiral of your exchanges that generate conflicts, disappointments, feelings of insecurity and disengagement. Together, you will work out like at the gym to be present for each other, to support each other and to recreate that connection and intimacy that reassures and warms. Are you ready to get off the beaten track, to challenge yourself for your relationship and transform it into a haven of love, an oasis? Then let's set off on this quest!

Individual therapy
Couple therapy

Family therapy

It's a panacea to say that being a parent is not a piece of cake! If the brain is built in part by interactions with others, then relational experiences become determining factors in the structure and functioning of our brain. The type of parenting we receive as children, the nature of our relationships throughout life change the entire brain by altering connections and synaptic circuits. Every time we learn something new, including new attitudes, perspectives or behaviours, we change the physical structure of the brain (Fishbane, 2007, p.395-412). Thus, the problem presented by one of your members is put into the relational and social context. Patterns in interactions are identified while emphasizing the strengths of your family. Psychotherapy therefore aims to modify or improve interactions in order to offer your family a different way of functioning. The goal is to treat family distress. So don't wait for the situation to become chronic - book an appointment today and we will see what I can do for you.

Family therapy

Telehealth (online therapy)

It is an interactive therapy by videoconference where you receive psychotherapy services at a distance. It takes place in real time. However, online therapy is not appropriate for everyone at certain times in their lives. Contact me, and we can discuss it.

Here are the steps to follow after scheduling an appointment and signing the consent form:

  • Choose a place where you will feel safe to speak without fear of censorship.

  • Choose a computer or a tablet over a cell phone.

  • Disable your notifications.

  • Stay close to the router to ensure a good internet connection.

  • Use headphones, if possible.

  • For couples, be sure to sit next to each other.

  • Follow the link sent to you in the invitation.

  • You will enter the virtual meeting room.

Online therapy
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